Univet Flip-Up Loupes Evo

Univet Flip-Up Loupes Evo

Evo is the innovation of the Flip-up system. A special composition of innovative materials and high definition waterproof optics that maximize the power of the system and produce very high technical performance. Ideal for specific jobs, Evo is equipped with an intelligent control system that lets you operate with comfort. Its combination of technological features and materials produces an instrument that offers exceptional design and functionality.


  • Mix of high-tech materials
  • Waterproof, high definition optics
  • Extraordinary cinematics
  • Micrometric and independent optical adjustment
  • Can be worn over prescription eyewear
  • Available with protection against laser or UV525 radiations

Available magnifications – Galilean 2,5x

ACCESSORIES: Interchangeable sponges, Overspec protective lens, Strap adjuster

Categories: , Product ID: 2003