Univet Flip-Up Laser Loupes

Univet Flip-Up Laser Loupes

Thanks to its long standing experience in optical technologies, Univet develops products that provide maximum performance and user well-being. Laser Flip-up loupes are special products that combine design and technology, with particular attention to protection. A system developed and studied by Univet with interchangeable lenses for maximum protection from the most common laser wavelengths ensuring safe and precise operations.


  • Interchangeable lens for laser protection
  • Flip-up systems easily adjustable
  • Filters against the most common laser sources
  • Can be worn over prescription eyewear

Available magnifications – Galilean 2,5x
Available magnifications – Prismatic XS3,5x, 4,5x, 6,0x
ACCESSORIES: Interchangeable sponges, Overspec protective lens, Strap adjuster

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