Sango-flo Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple Lumen CVC Kit

Sango-flo Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple Lumen CVC Kit

Karl Mueller Scientific develops it’s own line of CVC catheter with a most comprehensive component portfolio. The catheter itself embodies a tipping and hole opening process specially designed by a competent technical team. The design itself ensures reduced risk of vascular injury. Guide wires of the highest quality has been used to provide for a smooth and a kink-free experience for both the patient and the attending professional.

Complete CVC kit : Catheter , J/flex guide wire, Introducer needle , Vessel dilator , 5cc Syringe [2], hypodermic
needle , Scalpel, Over clamp, Suturing wing , Suture , Injection cap [2¦3], Slide clamp [2¦3].

Additional Feature: Suture Silk 2/0

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Features and Benefits

  • Central Venous Catheter is made of specially formulated and biocompatible Polyurethane
  • radio-opaque material of catheter Sufficient with clear, definite marking facilitating correct placement of catheter tip
  • J-Tip steel guide wire (Seldinger Soft flexible technique) control and preventing the vessel perforation and providing good torque to ensure firm insertion and MRI compatible.
  • wing allows anchorage at puncture Adjustable side regardless of depth of catheter this minimize trauma and irritation to the exit side.
  • components are Latex Free
  • EO Sterilized & microbiologically tested


To ensure a short term venous access aimed at performing:

  • Infusion or transfusion therapy, Intensive
  • Measurement of central venous pressure (CVP)
  • Monitoring Diagnosis
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

Catheter Details


Technical Specification